The Jetstream is a London based band who play their own classic rock songs. They deliver quality music with melodic guitar solos influenced by Pink Floyd or Dire Straits. Their repertoire consists of up beat rock as well as bluesy and ballad type of tunes.

Upcoming Gigs

New Album - Milking Valves!

We are proud to announce that our new album - Milking Valves - is ready! We've spent over year and a half working on it and are very happy with the final result. You can listen to it or even purchase it via our website. We will be also sellng it during our gigs. Enjoy!

Latest updates!

It's been a long time but we are back in the air! A little bit lighter - we're down to a three piece now. We've got a new member Mr. Naartije on bass guitar. The last year we spent recording our new studio album which is now almost ready for final mastering! More info about it later! We are also going to play live on the 9th of July - more info to be announced shortly.